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“If the burden seems too much to bare, remember the end will justify the pain it took to get us there”. – Relient K

“Most people never run far enough on their first wind to find out they've got a second. Give your dreams all you've got and you'll be amazed at the energy that comes out of you." - William James

Married to my lovely wife Tracy since 1988, and have a son Dylan, and a daughter Gabby

Ryan Burke

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Time to wake up! We gotta get the team site going strong again!

Hey IR folks, let's get some blogs and posts going. We need to tell folks what we're doing.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hilly Hundred

Getting my bike ready tonight. Looking forward to the ride down tomorrow and of course the ride through southern Indiana. Brings back a lot of fond memories suffering up these hills as a kid in school. Hopefully we'll get a run around Lake Griffy in at some point as well.

Nick's stromboli and Lennies barbeque pizza is on tap too. Speaking of tap, I would guess with this group there'll be a few taps running also.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Carmel Amazing Adventure

Just a quick note to say thanks to James and Jerry and all of the other volunteers at the Carmel Amazing Adventure! You guys pulled off a great event in not a lot of time. I'm sure there were a number of headaches and hassles with everything having to be so last minute. Couldn't really tell from a racer's perspective.

Tracy, and I, and most importantly Dylan, all had a blast!!! (Dylan said 3-4 times during the race "this is so much fun!")

We're still working on getting the Crisco out of all the nooks and craneys of everything, and I've gotten the golf clubs out and have been practicing my sand shots so we'll fair better at the HAA. : )

But as for the sling shot...that's a lost cause. I figured all those years of launching water balloons at the other fraternities would have paid off...no such luck! I have to just accept the fact that I'm not as young as I once was.

The bike drop/pick up was an issue that I thought you all handled very well. You did the only thing you could do and I thought you communicated the rationale very well. Just part of racing.

Again, great job!!! Thanks guys.

See you all at TNT &/or PAU!


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great job by all on PA 24!

Better late than never...I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped make PA24 a huge success! (We had 13 of 15 Rootstockers involved in some form or other in this race...that's pretty impressive.)
It takes a herculean effort to put on a normal race, but to do a 24-hour race and one that had so much to offer, was truly over the top! Great job all!
Great job too on all of the photos! The videos are a hoot, what a nice new addition.
Thanks Mike G., John, Jerry, James, Cristal, Paula, Sumitra, Dave K., Dave F., Shawn, Monty, Sue, Frank, Mike S., Rachel, Carrie, and all of the other folks I'm sure I've missed. (Sorry.)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paddling - boy do I need help!!!

I just visited a great site during lunch and read several articles about ways to improve technique, strength, and efficiency. I'm invigorated!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Conquer the Crossroads Rogaine

Dave Fischer, Des Garcia, Debi Hutcheson, and I competed together in the 6-hour version of the 2009 Rogaine at Morgan Monroe State Forest over the past weekend. (I personally like the 6-hour because route choice plays a bit of a larger role than the 12-hour. I also couldn't afford any more time devoted to playing that day. Ha.)

It was mostly cloudy and border line cool to warm. (mostly depended upon where we were - and if we were going up hill (warmed up real quick) or stopping and starting on the top of ridges (cooled off even quicker). We had a ball running/hiking together and really all worked very well as a team navigating and making audible calls out in the woods on the fly.

We stumbled right out of the gate just getting our bearings. Good thing we chose an easy one to attack first. We got distracted with some rogue controls that were placed out on the course because of the local boy scout troop that was out playing at the same time we were. We figured it out pretty quickly but needed to make in instant audible and decided to go after CP23 to help us get our heads better into the map.

After running up and back down the spur for CP23, we punched 24, 29 and then had our only other bobble. (It was a bit more costly - 20-30 min. total time.) We got on a jeep trail that wasn't marked on top of a ridge on the way to CP30 and kind of stopped paying attention to the topo and weren't pace counting. As a result, we were in the wrong spot. We found Farr Rd and took it out of the woods. We decided to go after CP31 and come back to 30. That worked very well, and got us back on track.

From there we nailed 41 & 37. We chose to go back up Jack Weddle Rd to the private property line and attack CP20 from the NW. This worked like a charm. It was so much easier just having to go down the steep ridge to the South of 20 than going up and down or all the way around. We jumped onto Beanblossom Rd and took it to the upper branch of Greasy Creek to 39. Worked to perfection.

From there we had a debate and ultimately decided to stay in the creek bed toward CP34. We were going to go up the reentrant to 34 but decided to take the spur just South. This too was a great call. The way 34 was placed, it would have been much more difficult to see it from within the rentrant. From there on to CP22 (another very clever placement) and up to the cemetary for CP10.

We hoofed it back to the TA and had a few minutes to spare, so we decided we wanted a little more and ran up and back to the radio tower to get a few easy bonus points with CP11.

We felt great about our route choice (taking into account our capabilities) - head SW and circle around wide toward the SE and head home. For the most part that held up, however we ended up choosing to go after a few more medium point CP's in the middle instead of the larger values out wide.

Without the bobbles we would have attempted 25, 38, & 40 and would have skipped 23, 22, 34 & 11. (Less by only a total of 13 points.) After looking at the final results, that wouldn't have improved our overall placement - it'd have been a bit closer, but....oh well.

We weren't competing for the title anyway - not with Garrison and Henricks going for broke. The day met our goals as a team training session to focus on our nav skills.

It was great seeing our other team mates and friends (James, Cristal, Paula, Mike, Eric etc.) out there. (Great job guys!) And of course, a great big "job well done" needs to be said to Jerry for putting on the meet - another fantastic job with the course layout.

It's a beautiful piece of property and is always just a ton of fun being able to go play in the woods with your buddies.

ADVICE: Even in the late winter, one should ALWAYS choose to at least wear gaiters when playing in the woods. (My shins look like an etch-a-sketch of scabs.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Kind remarks about the recent O-meet directed by Indy Rootstock members!

Way to go Rootstock!!! We received glowing remarks from Dick Whicker who competed at the meet this past Saturday. (See his comments posted below.)

James, Cristal, Michael, and I (along with Kirk Schueman) set the course late Friday night/Saturday morning. It was a cold clear night. The weather for the meet was another story....a snowy/sloppy mess. (A blast in it's own way.)

My son Dylan (Indy Rootsprout) did the yellow course while I tagged along. He's starting to get the hang of it. I let him get us lost a couple of times, and had to bail us out, but he really is kind of figuring it out.

Anyway, I wanted to echo the positive comments below - Great job!!!

"To All Who Worked This Meet and To Those Who Work Hard for the Club-

Wanted to thank everyone who worked this meet- Michael Sapper, Ryan Burke, Cristal Garrison and others.
I did the Blue course and enjoyed the challenge it presented. The weather added yet another element of difficulty and that was a plus (yes, I'm sick that way).

Like the new website layout. Thanks for posting the schedule well in advance so we can plan accordingly. Like the e-mail notifications for upcoming meets and other events.

I think the Club has really taken huge strides forward in the last 2-3 years so kudos to those who have given of their time and effort.

Unfortunately I will not be able to make the March Rogaine but look forward to others on the schedule.

Once again, thanks to everyone!


Dick Whicker"