Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Recession Bike Building

So due to some unfortunate circumstances and a failed attempt at delicate seat tube surgery my KHS steel frame is no longer with us ...(technically you can still see her in the bottom corner of the picture but it is safe to say she is dead). After a few months without riding on the road I bit the bullet and decided to build a replacement. Bit by bit over the past few years I have grown my bicycle repair and maintenance knowledge to the point where I am now comfortable building a bike from a bare frame (and then actually riding it down the mountains here out West). The fact that I am currently not working and cash is hard to come by has made it an interesting process so far. However the time I have spent finding good deals and assembling the bike has provided me with some much needed time away from the job search.
Last Thursday I came across a frame on Pricepoint.com for $79.00 and a wheelset for $119.00 and tentatively placed each in my online shopping cart and then after a few hours of debating with myself I clicked buy.
Luckily I didn't have much time for buyers remorse to set in as the parts arrived by noon on Friday (Pricepoint is located about 5 miles from Redondo Beach so most times when I order something it will arrive the next day). As soon as the UPS man delivered the boxes I unwrapped them with a frenzy rivaled only by kid on Christmas morning. However, my delight was soon hampered because at some point the frame had been dropped and the rear dropout was bent. As I mentioned earlier the warehouse for pricepoint is a short drive away so I set off to get a replacement. Within the hour I was back home and proceeding with assembling what parts I had so far.
There is no way I could afford to buy all the miscellaneous parts needed to build this bike had a friend of mine not already given me an entire Shimano 105 groupo minus the caliper brakes plus the carbon fork salvaged from the aforementioned KHS. As of today I am waiting for the brakes to show up via UPS on Friday and then she should be ready her first ride. I will update tomorrow with the progress photos.

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