Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Great job by all on PA 24!

Better late than never...I just wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped make PA24 a huge success! (We had 13 of 15 Rootstockers involved in some form or other in this race...that's pretty impressive.)
It takes a herculean effort to put on a normal race, but to do a 24-hour race and one that had so much to offer, was truly over the top! Great job all!
Great job too on all of the photos! The videos are a hoot, what a nice new addition.
Thanks Mike G., John, Jerry, James, Cristal, Paula, Sumitra, Dave K., Dave F., Shawn, Monty, Sue, Frank, Mike S., Rachel, Carrie, and all of the other folks I'm sure I've missed. (Sorry.)

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