Monday, July 27, 2009

Carmel Amazing Adventure

Just a quick note to say thanks to James and Jerry and all of the other volunteers at the Carmel Amazing Adventure! You guys pulled off a great event in not a lot of time. I'm sure there were a number of headaches and hassles with everything having to be so last minute. Couldn't really tell from a racer's perspective.

Tracy, and I, and most importantly Dylan, all had a blast!!! (Dylan said 3-4 times during the race "this is so much fun!")

We're still working on getting the Crisco out of all the nooks and craneys of everything, and I've gotten the golf clubs out and have been practicing my sand shots so we'll fair better at the HAA. : )

But as for the sling shot...that's a lost cause. I figured all those years of launching water balloons at the other fraternities would have paid such luck! I have to just accept the fact that I'm not as young as I once was.

The bike drop/pick up was an issue that I thought you all handled very well. You did the only thing you could do and I thought you communicated the rationale very well. Just part of racing.

Again, great job!!! Thanks guys.

See you all at TNT &/or PAU!


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